tully tigers leagues club, tully

The Tigers Leagues Club was a very exciting opportunity for Myriad Design to design the transformation of an aged venue. A true community facility, the Tully Tigers took over the operation of the closed RSL club rooms and, after seven years of successful operation, is taking the facility up quite a few notches.

A complete strip-out of the old RSL building revealed beautifully hand-built, heavy timber trusses overhead which became a key design ingredient in the new interior. The venue was opened up completely with a new central island bar gaining a significant increase in floor area and patron capacity for the club – crucial to support the ROI analysis for the Board’s expenditure. The transformed venue has a openness that enables the patrons to enjoy the various zones, whilst enabling minimum staffing to provide quality service to all.

New finishes and lighting created a level of comfort that truly raises the bar for both the existing and new patrons from across the region. The works were staged, enabling the venue to operate throughout the renovation process. The delivery of the new front decks are underway opening up the venue to the street and the opportunity to enjoy alfresco drinking. Both turnover and profitability growth have vindicated the Club’s commitment to the town.