“The central park sound stage will be an icon for the town and a hub for all manner of activities.”

“The central park sound stage will be an icon for the town and a hub for all manner of activities.”

Hope Vale Sound Stage

our services: concept & building design, compliance & approvals, construction documentation

location: Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council

size: approx. 3200sqm

The township of Hope Vale is growing, reflecting the maturity of the facilities & townsfolk. A key driver to support the ongoing growth is the development of the civic heart & central hub to the town. Myriad is currently working with Council on the development of several commercial facilities in Muni Street.  Equally important is a focus for activities. As with all towns, a central park with a soundstage is a hub for the entire town to gather; a place for celebrations; events; school concerts; sports & recreation. The central park sound stage is much more than a sheltered area for gathering; the building will be an icon for the town; a signature image for tourism and a source of civic pride.

Several design concepts were explored with Council, settling upon a curving form that could reflect various faunal emblems. Very large span curving engineered timber beams became the key design element. Floating like wings overhead, curved roof panels step upwards away from the stage providing shelter for over 300 people. The stage is the focus for performers; or simply an impromptu play space. Accompanying the soundstage are shaded gardens & planning for a future café seating with young age playground.

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