professional rooms that care for practitioners and patients alike”

Spine Bone Body

our services: Interior design detailing & documentation

location: McLeod Street, Cairns

size: 355sqm

completion: late 2021

Moving from a group practice, Cameron has established his own professional premises under the banner of Spine Bone Body. A comprehensive refit of this former gallery-café into consulting rooms provides the foundation to support a growing patient list.  The new fitout must express the calibre of the professional care whilst providing an important sense of calm comfort for the long hours worked.  Myriad’s role in the project team was to guide the interior feel with precise detailing and finishes specification.  The premises includes a suite of complementary health services and a “hole in the wall” café – all balanced to express the same care provided by the practitioners.

_DSC9066 copy

our services: concept design, ff&e, compliance & approvals, construction documentation

location: Spence St, Cairns City

size: approx. 30sqm

completed: September 2018

This private psychiatry clinic within the heritage listed Boland Centre is a finely crafted fitout solution, designed to reflect the calibre of care provided.  Extensive use of timber battens & stone detailing evokes a sense of calm & security befitting the services.  Whilst this is a small clinical space, it is blessed with the elegance of a very large classical arched window.  A key element, that is a striking connection to the building’s heritage and a key component of the quality ambience for the interior design.

_DSC9131 copy
_DSC8984 copy

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